Here’s Me.

Today I’ve decided to start a blog. In doing so I have ignored the large tin of biscuits next to me, so perhaps it won’t just be a psychologically beneficial process but may help the reduction in size of my locally famous Winnie the Pooh style tummy. Biscuits here are in constant supply, kept in a Charlie and Lola tin that always needs a wipe because the lid is sticky, has been dropped and completely emptied of its contents one too many times (don’t worry we still ate the biscuits) and is never down at such a reachable height during daylight light hours due to my biscuit loving 2 year old twin boys.

I’m aware that I need to introduce myself, as someone that suffers with narcissism, a tendency to over analyse, verbal diarrhoea and a fear of being misunderstood; this could be a lengthy paragraph. How to keep it brief yet insightful? Ask the husband to introduce me in 5 words? No, he’s engrossed in the cricket highlights and has already pressed pause enough times to help me with spelling, once more may push the gentle man over the edge, an edge, I fear, he is closer to than ever before since he became a father. Maybe I should list my qualifications so that when I have opinions I can feel they’re justified and legitimately backed by research and knowledge? Maybe not, I think I’d rather play the fool! I don’t think I’ll tell you where I live, incase you choose to stalk me (if you’re considering this please do say, I have quite a history of obsession and dabbled in stalking throughout my education, perhaps I could give you some tips)

I like a list, so a list it is, here’s me:

  • Ami
  • Overweight
  • Wife
  • Twin mum
  • Cat mum
  • Biscuits
  • Sea
  • Fringe
  • Bed
  • Family
  • Photos
  • Unemployed
  • Biscuits
  • Choir
  • Kawaii
  • Beach
  • Music
  • Biscuits

I intend to write frequently about my strange, mundane and wonderful little world. Right now it’s time to reheat my cuppa, dip a few biscuits and not reread this obsessively wondering what friends and strangers will make of it, honest!


3 thoughts on “Here’s Me.

  1. hi Ami, I like biscuits and I shall follow you on your blog looking forward to some jammy dodgers.


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