Morning Coffee


Do they make Morning Coffee biscuits anymore? I can’t even remember if they tasted of coffee.

I used to really enjoy a morning coffee, these days it’s tea. I’ve adopted my good friend’s approach to sugar in tea, the first one of the day gets a spoonful, all others just milk. It’s good. It’s wise. This morning I didn’t have to get up, Eddie and Ruru slept until 8am; nearly a solid 13 hours, and when they did wake Jon got up and coaxed them downstairs, “sshhhhhhhh Mummy’s sleeping still.” I was in half-land, half solid gone, half can hear everything. Then I woke suddenly to the cry of “Mummy need brown poo!” Jon was there but I was awake and my feet were sweaty. The smell of Jon’s morning coffee wafted by, followed by Eddie’s poo, I was definitely up. I joined my 3 human males for breakfast, an hour later we were still sat at the table, elbow deep in PVA and cut outs of Clangers inspired planets and Eggbots, breakfast had turned into a collage extravaganza. Rufus was calm and concentrated, sat next to Jon, giving Daddy directions and accepting help. I got Edgar. When it comes to tasks like drawing and cutting he’s currently less accepting than Ruru of his own poor quality scribblings and yet he doesn’t like assistance. He either wants to do it himself, which leads to frustration because he doesn’t have the ability yet or won’t do it at all and I get met with a chorus of winges, “Mummy do it, Mummy do it, mummydoit MUMMY DO IT!” We got there though, he wanted to keep going and we’re proud of the results, fridge-worthy for sure.

I don’t really know how what happened next came about, but soon after collaging I found myself in the garden, in my pyjamas, beating my living room rug, that was hanging on my washing line, with a garden bamboo cane, which I then upgraded for a squash racket. Like a mad woman I thwacked and sweated trying to beat the filth out of a rug I love but paid far too much money for. The boys are finally dry, don’t ask me how, I’ve already forgotten the process, and the poor carpet has taken the brunt of their toileting accidents and potty misfires over the last few months, and it stank. So today I thwacked, vacuumed, scrubbed, jet washed and Rug Doctored it. We also delt with other little Sunday jobs. The nappy box got emptied and reassigned to trains. We rearranged toys. Cleared the fridge front, to make way for new art. We started to compile a camping list in preparation for an upcoming adventure, and decided to pop to Go Outdoors. We returned with drumdonk tennis rackets, cups, gas, batteries and caps for the chaps, Eddie chose pink, Rufus blue, I’m glad about that. Not because I’m worried about Ruru liking girly this but this decision suggests I’m not unconsciously forcing him too. We also discovered on this short trip out that the boys prefer lollipops to biscuits. Tonight’s teeth brushing was done with wire wool.

Whilst all this unplanned Sunday madness was occuring my morning tea went cold. The boys had an uber public meltdown in Go Outdoors due to there being 2 of them yet only 1 basket on wheels. Eddie and Rufus now think rackets are for hitting carpets. The heavy, sodden rug snapped my washing line and the rug still sticks of piss. 10/10 for effort though yeah?

Where’s the biscuit tin?


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