Kakor Choklad

Tonight we’re having a new Ikea-bought biscuit. Kakor Choklad followed by a round of mini Daims. The Kakor Choklad are tasty, a treat biscuit for sure, but definitely worth purchasing and as with most biscuits all the better for being dipped. I didn’t buy a single roll of wrapping paper in Ikea so I was allowed interesting snacks.

Today, after I’d been punctured by 14 teeny tiny needles in a bit to rid me of constant pain, that I realise is probably exacerbated by my love of biscuits, I headed into town with my two boys. Always an epic undertaking, pushchairless and free to escape, I had back up. We were off to Pizza Express. Voted Mumsnet’s most child-friendly restaurant for 2015, if anyone was going to test this it would be my boys. They were greeted with a nice pack of stickers, papers, pencils and hats that they thought were boats, and when ordering their needs were easily met, “pink icecream please”, sorted. The wasps weren’t as considerate, and if I’ve achieved nothing else today I’ve definitely given my boys an unhealthy fear of wasps. One landed on Ruru’s tongue whilst he lapped up his pudding, my reaction could not be masked as anything other than terror. My friend remained calm at least.

The rest of the day has been more trying, Eddie had a toddler melt-down as he was convinced I was putting on Aunty Liz’s boobaa (bra) and it was not Mummy’s to wear. Rufus continuously asked to take his hat off at dinner time, he wasn’t wearing a hat. And I tried my hardest to introduce them both to nectarine for dessert tonight, neither tried it, then as Jon got the cling film out to wrap up some left overs he was met with cries of “I want to eat it!” They meant the cling film.

Good night, kakor time.


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