B is for Biscuit

Jon and I constantly have to spell words we don’t want our boys to realise we’re saying, just like a W A L K for a dog as is B I S C U I T for our boys, or a trip to the P A R K. But increasingly this isn’t working, they’re cracking our codes, they’re learning our language!

We’ve had 2 days at home, just me and my boys. Quiet and occasionally lazy. We’ve watched te-visson, played wooden track and blue track, done Charlielola puzzle, drawn Eggbots, a lot, we’ve eaten some biscuit, disaur sanwich and melonsmile. We’ve had moments where we’ve had to wok ouch, hurryhurry for a desperate neeweewee and quiet times for a cuddleankiss. There are still plenty of moments where I can’t understand what on earth they’re saying, especially Eddie whose stream of conciseness can be awe inspiring but loooooooooong. I often dread full days at home by ourselves, but generally end up enjoying them even if we are all eagerly awaiting Jon’s arrival at tea time.

Today we walked to the book bus, the mobile library, one of our favourites things to do. We talked on the way, Eddie wanted to find a book about books or rhino-canoes (volcanoes) and Ruru, cats or dogs or cars or buses or seaside or anything else I suggested as an option. Once on the bus the boys chatted to the local old girls, charming the massive knickers off them, I’m stupidly proud of them and just stand there smiling and occasionally translating for them. I started to browse the books and Egdar (as he says it) appears, “whatchoo looking Mummy?”. I had found a book all about volcanoes and his shriek not only frightened away Lucifer, our cat who had followed us, but terrified the old girls, which was followed by amusement at a 2 year old’s enthusiasm for an incredibly unfun, factual looking book. Ruru wanted all the books we’d had before, it’s ok Ruru I’m frightened of new things too. Eventually we gathered a nice selection and headed home, Lucifer in tow.

I love books, as does Jon, I haven’t successfully read a full book since last year mind, perhaps that’s what I should be doing now rather than creating reading for you motley crew. Right I’m off to stare at the bookcases, not choose a book then get the biscuit tin down.


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