Golden Oreos

Tonight I’ve skipped biscuits and I’m currently dipping 30p basics chocolate in my tea. Good lord it’s good, messy, gluttonous and good. Plus Lucifer is getting fewer crumbs in his furr. Once the small humans are asleep it’s cat lap loveliness. Although Ruru is forming a lovely, very tactile relationship with Lucifer.

We’ve had a super weekend. I like the word super, I intend to use it more. Today was particularly super. We woke just before 8am, the boys were put back in their beds after a false start at 6am and had gone back to sleep nicely. We lulled around in our bed, Thomas toys and all, not going anywhere fast, then I announced, “Bootfair anyone?” There came a cry of excitement. Bootfair means toys, NEW TOYS. We were in Colin the car within minutes, swimming bag packed too. The bootfair proved fruitful, bargains galore, we were restrained, the boys carefully place toys back down they’ve not been allowed to give pennies for. Not a stroppy strop in sight. Jon picked up a 5 pound note he thought I’d dropped. I hadn’t. He stole it. All day he’s felt guilty, I’ve had to counsel him around it a few times. If anyone thought it wasn’t his they should have spoken up, it was an innocent mistake and one that meant we came away from the bootfair better off, shoes, toys and more pennies. Super.

Next stop, the local leisure centre. The Government have kindly issued us with special membership cards, simply for having children under 5, so our profit gets us a family swim. I long for our boys to be confident and competent swimmers, I love the water, Eddie is showing signs at being a natural, Rufus is a bit too cautious and panicky, but getting there, unfortunately Edgar has lead-legs like his Daddy. During a quiet moment in the pool I notice the sun is beaming down outside, I didn’t wish to be anywhere other than there at that moment, but this glimpse inspired a thought, one that involved the seaside and food, there’s a surprise! I whispered in Jon’s ear, “Chippy lunch at Tankerton?”, he beamed. I’d won. Once Eddie started to turn blue with spongy fingers we thought we’d best get out. Shower time, my freshly dyed hair turned the whole floor pink, I’m sure fellow showerers were not impressed, oops. Once in our changing room the process is like clockwork, and soon the boys are snuggled together demanding the biscuit box. Posh biscuits today, circle Custard creams, new Golden Oreos, “Wow Ruru posh circles ones, wanone Ruru? I have 2” Eddie eats biscuits like his aunt and cousin, and makes a sticky mess, Ruru doesn’t waste a morsel.

In my mind I hoped that being in the seaside sunshine would help my hair look more purple, I’m ludicrously vain. Odd for a fat lass. But it was cloudy by the time we got there and I’d forgotten that thought. The boys were hungry, they devoured their lunch then began operation to-and-fro: Mum and Dad sit, they go far, then come back. Unfortunately today there was an event on, and the path they were running across to the pebbles was heavily trafficked with runners and cyclists. One runner shouted very aggressively at Eddie to look where he was going. I shouted, “He’s a 2 year old boy, you look where you’re going, you’re an adult!” I wanted to add, “You fucking twat!” and push him over, good job I didn’t.

It’s Monday tomorrow, but no Monday blues here, it’s 5 days until our annual Cornish holiday. It will be super!


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