Tim Tams


Against my old school-, now Australian, friend’s advice I’ve just got a packet of Tim Tam out of the fridge. She recommended that they melt better when dipped in tea if not kept in the fridge, I did it anyway. Last time Jon and I endulged in a pack, for our 6th wedding anniversary to commemorate our New Zealand honeymoon adventure, they were a bit too fudgey from the humid summer day’s room temperature. Given their origins perhaps that’s how they’re supposed to be?

I’ve missed my old friend, I saw her when the boys were very young but I’d lost myself a bit then and can’t remember it very well, today was marvellous though. Once we’d arrived at our destination, our local beach, chosen in the hope that we could walk and natter whilst the boys entertained themselves, we were quickly thrust into a classic beach dilemma, ice cream now or ice cream later? Eddie and Ruru made the decision, ice cream now. We parked on a bench, I felt I hadn’t seen my friend properly in 8 or so years and the poor girl, woman now, was soon dripping in melted Mini Milk and struggling to focus as all our attempts to help the boys to eat their ice creams quickly to avoid mess sounded awfully like a crash course in how to give a blow job, “No stop licking it darling and suck it!” “Put your lips around it.” It broke the ice nicely.

We took a leisurely stroll out to a long path of shingle known as The Street, which stretches right out into the sea, even at low tide. We splashed and threw pebbles and poked sqwelchy, slimey, deceased jelly fish. We washed the sand and mud off Thomas the Tank Engine and we talked about most things, covering a lot of emotional ground very quickly. It was nice, I miss talking to her, and I enjoy her new accent, although I can still hear my 16 year old friend when she talks, which I like.

I knew there were Tim Tams in her bag, she’d told me she’d brought me some from home. They were burning a big hole in my obese pocket, I wanted them in my bag. But we had to find the right time, distraction was required, any sound of rustling packets could be heard by my boys from miles away. We tried a couple of times but questions were quickly fired, “Whatchoo looking, whatchoo got in your bag?” I finally surreptitiously pulled a bag to bag transfer manoeuvre whilst she kept them occupied with a Kitkat and Oreos, treats I was willing to share. Nasty Mummy. I was touched by how willing and able she was to talk to, play with and assist the chaps, it put me at ease. Ruru was particularly taken with her, he’s quick to love, Eddie is a cautious soul when it comes to affection, I only got my first kiss from him a few weeks back.

I admit I hadn’t really realised I’d missed her, I hadn’t really realised I’d missed Tim Tams, but I have missed both. I think Tescos are starting to stock Tim Tams. I suppose I’ll have to settle for that.


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