Family Circle.


This weekend we had family to stay, I want to say they were Jon’s family but they’re mine too, how odd. Because of this I haven’t eaten any biscuits since Friday night, it’s Sunday night. That’s a long time, don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed plenty of other food. I always feel very anxious before we have over-night guests. My chaps are loud and stroppy and demand attention and have strange rituals and routines that it’s hard to put to one side. Our house is diddy, I can’t make anyone but us comfy. But I don’t know why I worry, it was marvellous.

We met up yesterday at our local beach, Tankerton, from a long way off, down a long stretch of grass I could see our 4 guests approaching, I started running, so did Eddie, so did my brother-in-law’s step daughter, we ran in excitement, I wrapped my arms around her, tight. I’d missed her. I’d missed them all. How odd. How lovely! That’s my running quota filled for the year. Or was it? When we arrived home the boys had fallen asleep in the car, we all stayed out in the carpark for our house and chatted to my animal loving neighbour and her 7 dogs. Mayhem ensued, dogs, children, cats everywhere, there was a real feel of estate living about the encounter. A happy one. After everyone had gone inside Ruru was still fast asleep, I stayed chatting. My neighbour asked me, “So that’s your brother?” I said, “No, Jon’s.” Her response was, “phwaaaaaaaaaarrr!” She’s old enough to be his mother and I couldn’t help but laugh. Then I heard some cats fighting, convinced it was Hobbes I took to my heels for the second time and ran to his rescue. With my neighbour close behind, too close, I stopped abruptly. My presence had spooked the cats, which weren’t mine, and I no longer needed to be running, so I turned round, but my neighbour was still running, carry a miniature dog and a sack of poo. She tripped, I lunged to catch her and we went down. Tit to tit, squashed dog, squashed poo. We’re both women of a certain build. God I hope someone was watching, it must have been side-splitting to witness. We fumbled our way up, her arm tight round the poor yelping dog’s neck and poo clenched tightly in her fist. We stumbled back to our homes amused. I quickly sent Jon to be with Ruru, I needed a sit down, sweet tea and a pretend nurse.

I love seeing the boys with their aunt, uncle and cousins. The love is so strong. Especially Eddie and his 10 year old boy cousin. They’d kindly bought the boys balance bikes this weekend, it’s gonna be fun watching them master those, and Eddie loved watching his cousin demonstrate. He followed him around all the time they were here, rough and tumbling, chasing, hiding, climbing, all the things Eddie constantly wants to do but is never allowed to indoors, and nor can poor Ruru keep up with, but the rules didn’t apply this weekend, it would have broken is fragile toddler heart. Uncle read stories upside-down at bedtime, Ruru tried bacon, they both breifly rode balance bikes successfully, they’ve snuggled with their eldest cousin, walked in the dark, eaten a carvery, had pillow fights and gone on slides far too big for them. It’s been mad, it was wonderful. Ups and downs as always but generally good. Right, is it time for biscuits now? If only I had a box of Family Circle to nicely juxtapose our mixed family weekend with a mixed selection of biscuits.


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