Snack a Jacks


Who keeps Snack-a-jacks in a biscuit tin? Criminal I say. I was at my best friend’s house this afternoon. That’s who keeps Snack-a-jacks in a biscuit tin!

This morning the chaps had their first full session at pre-school, or little school as we call it. I was very nervous, I’d left them at taster sessions over the last 2 weeks but today was the real deal for me. As I walked away from them, it was the first time Ruru hadn’t had to be prized off me, he trotted in behind confident Eddie who had shouted, “Hello everybody I here!” as he entered the marvellously decked out village hall, I felt so proud and panicked. Once home I managed little with my 2 hours, I turned on the TV to try and calm down and relax. It came on on Channel 4, at volume 4, I didn’t alter that. I watched Channel 4 encounter technical difficulties, who knew TV channels still had test cards? I pottered around panicking I’d forgotten how to tell the time. Next week I’ll make plans and use the time wisely, I’m very annoyed at myself for watching Undercover Boss USA at a barely audible volume. I rushed up to collect them at midday, so excited to see them. I had to drag them out, good job I had the lure of a visit to Aunty Becky’s to tempt them away.

Becky’s older sister was parked in her kitchen when I arrived, estimating her age of death. This was an indicator of how the afternoon’s conversation might go. Our 4 little people all born within 2 months of each other played exceptionally well, only once did I have to put Eddie out in the garden on his own to consider his behaviour, a cooling off tactic that occasionally and controversially works well for a cross little soul and a cross Mummy. We 3 sat in the kitchen catching up on mum things, lesbian things, gossip things, sex things, food things, fat things, thin things, family, depression, happiness, the lot. We got visits from tiddlers needing hugs, drinks, weewees and biscuits. The biscuit tin was delivered to the sofa, I didn’t witness this event, and a while later I discovered Ruru snuggled on the sofa tucking into a large chocolate Snack-a-jack. Convinced he couldn’t have got that out of the tin I told him he shouldn’t eat food he finds, he said, “Sorry mummy,” and quickly shovelled in the rest. HE DID FIND IT IN THE TIN. Oops, sorry Ruru. When Becky’s older daughter arrived home childhood happiness lasted a whole 30 minutes and we didn’t hear or see a soul other than giggles and joy. How marvellous,  how lovely, babies, children now, who have known each other since birth, leaving their mothers in peace to talk nonsense, that’s why today was good; little school and nonsense talking. And as my dear friend is proving to be just as unstable and entertaining as the rest of my friends she can keep Snack-a-jacks in the biscuit tin all she likes.


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