Biscuits and Bing


So the chaps stayed away for the night. They did it once before, over a year ago, I didn’t like it much the first time, I think I coped better with it the second. I took them to their Nannie and Grandpa’s, before hand they’d packed their own packpacks with toys of their choosing, Eddie packed every Percy train he could find, Ruru didn’t care as long as Rainbow Pink and Dotty were clenched tightly in his hands. My tummy was in knots, but there was no reason not to go. It would be good for us all, apparently. The goodbye was tricky, sad even, Eddie was so excited he practically shoved me out the door, Rufus just stood still, looking at my face, trembling and silent, he finally murmured, “I go home too, I don’t want to go home”, which means he did. I reassured him and held him tight. His silence unnerved me, but I’m so grateful he didn’t scream. I drove away feeling fairly confident they would be happy, but most definitely safe, I’d told Nannie as long as you’ve got biscuits and Bing (the Cbeebies programme) they’ll be fine.

I bombed home, music blaring, a long hot bath and a new packet of ladies razors awaited me, it was date night and I wanted to be smooth smooth smooth. I had the bath so hot I turned red, I sat in it so long I got cold. I’d been ordered, by a friend who was mortified that I didn’t own any already, to buy tights for the occasion. Once Jon got home I was attempting to squeeze and jump myself into them, I succeeded. I felt good. We headed off into the dark for a cheap bus journey, and a cheap but indulgent meal, all you can eat Chinese. We held hands, kissed in public and were home by 9pm.

The following morning we stole the opportunity to eat breakfast out and get some toddler free charity shop shopping done, it felt like we’d squeezed a whole holiday into under 24 hours. By 11am we were both anxious to get to them. They were so happy to see us, I think Eddie nearly cried, they’d behaved beautifully and had a lovely time, phew! The four of us set off to enjoy the sunshine and South-east coast so we headed for Margate. The boys were asleep within moments. It felt late in the day, even though it was early afternoon our shadows were long and the sea was freezing cold, we still paddled albeit for a moment.


Then we felt the lure of the 2p penny machines. Ruru spotted a blue unicorn with rainbow hair, unbeknownst to him a My Little Pony, it was clearly coming home with us. Over £5’s worth of 2ps later he was dancing around the busy arcade expressing his deep love for her. I whispered to Jon, “I fear this is the day rainbow pink dies.” He’s been clutching onto a pink Carebear for the last month or so, and she has sadly been supplanted. However, she’s still required at bedtime, as are Kitty and Pooh and Dotty and Duck and Aroura and Elmer and Kitten and… it goes on. Eddie however was now lusting after a pink version, way at the back of a machine, we tried in vain. I could feel my anger rising, I knew full well it was going to take hundreds of pounds to win her, I started to panic, my boys cannot be treated unfairly, how could I let this happen? I hurried over to an arcade employee, but no, there was nothing they were going to do to help. I put £3 into a grab-it claw machine which housed the same toys, nothing! 2p after 2p was being lost down the side of the devil spawned slot machine and finally I’d had enough, I told Eddie he would not get his toy, his brother bouncing in circles of sheer bliss behind him, I picked Eddie up and I promised him any toy he wanted in the next shop we found. Thank God it was pay day.

Today has been a much calmer, more usual day, apart from the amount of My Little Pony we watched. It’s like cuteness on crack, I love it and so do they. So next time they stay with Nannie and Grandpa I’ll make sure they’ve got biscuits and My Little Pony.



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