Biscuit Break


Today’s plans were thwarted and I didn’t want to be indoors all day, thankfully Ruru saved the day by asking repeatedly to go to the beach from the minute he woke up. Eddie asked, “I take my bike to beach too?” so we did. Shortly after breakfast I extracted their balance bikes from the spider infested shed of horrors, buckled them in to Colin Car and headed to the coast. Not staying indoors all day is an attempt to stop me shouting, and them beating the absolute crap out of each other. I really struggle with the rough play thing, I thought I’d be better at allowing it, but I can’t bare it, it always ends in bloody tears!

Hats on, no helmets yet, packpack of snacks on and off we went. The chaps are still new to the world of balance biking but they’re getting the hang of it. A few hundred yards along the esplanade (Jon gave me that word, I like it, it means the the large flat bit of concrete between land and beach where people can walk, but that felt like a too long a sentence so I chose esplanade) the boys spotted a skate park, right on the sea front, and empty, they both asked cautiously if they were allowed in. “Of course!” I yelled, “Go wild!” They stood motionless staring at me. I repeated, “Of course darlings, just be safe, if you don’t feel safe just stop.” That was better, they understood that. They found a little slope and circled up and down numerous times, getting faster and more confident, then they attempted a huge slope up, both asked for help getting to the top, I helped. Eddie started to manoeuvre his way down but felt worried so I slowed him down and tried to guide him, then dear God! Ruru shot past at a high rate of knots, out of control and slid most of the way down on the side of his face, I couldn’t let go of Eddie though. However all was fine, a bruised bottom has been discovered this evening and his face is just red, those parks are so smoothly paved his chubby chops glided over the ground nicely. Eddie has started to zoom around properly, lifting his legs up and allowing the bike to whizz along, stopping is yet to be mastered. Cautious Ruru, apart from on massive slopes apparently, is yet to trust his little bike, and is still a little slow. Many, many, many dog walkers coo-ed over their cuteness and every dog that passed got encouraged out of their way. I got the usual questions; “Are they twins?” “Both boys?” “Hard work?” I duly answered them and smiled, it was nice. I felt proud.

We sat down for a break, a biscuit based break, a few cheeky tail-wagging friends attempted to steal Custard Creams from the boys’ hands, they did not succeed. We plopped a few hundred pebbles into the sea, then they wanted to get back on their bikes, and Eddie asked to come home. That we did, and cosy it was, and filthy. I really need to become as passionate about housework as I am about showing my boys off and dipping biscuits in piping hot tea, it’s time for that now, dipping that is.


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