Mini Christmas Tree Shortbread

I do love Christmas, I think I love it even more now that it’s inextricably bound up together with the chaps’ birthdays. In 3 days time I will have two 3 year olds living in my house. I do feel for them, all excited about Christmas yet I keep attempting to reorientate them to birthday excitement. Yesterday helped, we met Aunty Sarah in the Marks and Spencer cafe and she had presents for the boys. We queued to choose our posh cafe treats, a good old fashioned tea and cake affair. The boys were charming the socks off everyone around us, so much so tables and fellow patrons started donating their complimentary mini Christmas Tree Shortbreads to the boys, I wish I was cute enough to atract such charity.


Then Aunty Sarah produced the presents, birthday presents! Oh the excitement, it was lovely. One of the many gifts they each got were a cute collection of Arty biscuits, they lasted but a moment in my boys’ presence but have been mentioned frequently ever since. I’m darn annoyed I didn’t get a photograph of the moment. We saved 3 donated Christmas trees to take home for Daddy.

We stayed late in town, Jon met us after work and festive cheer compelled us to eat German sausage and grilled cheese sandwiches in the damp. I loved being out in the Christmassy glow and dwindling hubb-ubb of busy shoppers.


Then it dawned on me, Rufus’ shoes are shit. A mistake online purchase gone horrendously wrong, they fitted badly, were shoddy, the zips were bursting open as he ran (that’s if you can call it running, poor flailing lad) and they cost far to much, yet I’d been denying this fact for nearly a fortnight due to their expense, and the cost of replacing them. But we’d just bought over-priced, crappy food on a whim, an enjoyable whim but still. I couldn’t handle it and I hurried us straight to Clarks, fortunately it was still open. New shoes purchased and guilt relieved, we headed home to cosiness. Christmas trees do bring a certain cosiness that cannot be replicated by any other light source.

This morning I found the 3 mini biscuits we’d lovingly saved for Jon, they’d survived and were swiftly consumed, I was emptying the backpack out in order to repack it for today’s adventure, Dreamland, Margate. And what an adventure it was, albeit a biscuit-less one. Spirits were high, squeals and screams were had, disappointments were outweighed by moments of joy and Rufus’ shoes fit marvelously. Now, time to research these mini Christmas Tree Shortbreads, I didn’t get one! Surely Marks and Spencers sell them?


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