Monday Rated PG, Pretty Good.

Today was considerably better than expected. Last night I had serious back to school tummy ache, I remember it vividly as a child and into adolescence. It’s not that I hated school, but the thought of returning after a break always made me feel sick with fright. I seriously considered lopping off an arm just so Jon had to stay home for a while more. I’d already missed him all night, he’s started snoring exceptionally loudly, so it was with a heavy heart and a threat of divorce that he slept on the sofa last night, so when he left this morning it was extra shit. But me and my chaps championed our way through a full day at home, just us. We coloured, we played, we built a huge track, I wrote a disappointed email to Dreamland in Margate that’s been bothering me for weeks, I cooked a new meal and the boys mastered (ish) hide’n’seek.


A particularly nice moment was watching Song of the Sea together, an Irish animation film, it’s truly stunning. I was nervous about letting them watch it as it’s a PG rated film, but it’s a beautiful fairytale and not just for children. I bloody love watching television with my chaps, not any ole shit, beautiful, story-telling, thought-provoking, imagination-inspiring television. Then I thought to myself how I’d let them try Pixar’s Cars 2 a few months back, rated U, totally safe. WHAT THE FUCK? Bombs, torture, death threats and explosions! Mindless, violent, souless junk, shame on you Disney. How can that be rated U and an Irish piece of beautiful artwork and storytelling be PG?


This afternoon junk mail was forced through my door by a young, miserable frozen lad, but to my boys it was not junk mail, it was a map! A map to find their way back to the sea, but mind the diamonds (demons) and save the fairies and follow the magic. How marvellous, I stood watching them, feeling proud they were acting out such a lovely story, even if it had come from television. Terrible mother!

This afternoon once I’d mustered the bother to enter the kitchen I stood infront of the open fridge and felt very uninspired. That’s it, I thought, there’s nothing here to make a meal, I hate being a housewife, I can’t cook blah blah blah. I messaged Jon with these exact thoughts, he’s got nothing better to do at work than read whimsical messages from the wife, he sent me 2 links in an attempt to inspire me. It did. I whipped up a beautiful meal, and whilst I did so the boys attempted to play hide and seek. Good God they were muffing it up, Eddie was in charge, “You hide there Ruru!” “Count to 11 now Ruru!” Rufus’ response to this was to run around shouting 11 repeatedly, much to Edgar’s annoyance. My favourite moment was when Eddie had finished counting, don’t worry he’d told Ruru where to hide, he shouted “ready coming ready or 109!” I love 109, it’s an awesome number. Good choice love. I promised if they ate their dinner Mummy and Daddy would teach them how to play properly after dinner. And we did. And I forgot I’m terrible at it because I’m a scaredy cat. I got all frightened when I couldn’t find them, which leads to anger and then tears, but I pulled myself together and made the 3 blighters jump. Ha! I win. I have to make lunchboxes for my boys now, for the first time, maybe I’ll hide them, then they won’t have to go.


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